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“People are the best show in the world. And you don’t even pay for the ticket”
Charles Bukowski

“Wisdom is the whispering of the sage to himself in the crowded market-place”
F. Nietzsche, Aphorism 386, Miscellaneous Maxims and Opinions, “Human, All-Too-Human Part II””

Latest news. Where am I, what am I doing there?

Very dear friends and readers, unfortunately this blog got older, almost 2 years [with no updates] now!
After having arrived to Turkey and reverted to Religion/Spirituality in December 2014, and even more after arriving to Cyprus in March, and especially June 2015 (Ramadan 1436), my life changed radically Thanks God, Glory to Him the Highest.
I kind of stopped traveling (outwardly, though more and more innerly…:)) and for sure stopped living a nomadic/vagabonding life, “settling” (as that can mean for a former nomad..) with all the necessary time of adaptation, still going on.
I’d have so many “things”, experiences to tell, hopefully when the right time will come. Waiting for completing some 7-8 pending posts to be written, 15-20 to be translated and some 30-40 to still write..:) hoping to eventually turn it all inot one or more books.
See you! :)
Tons of Peace.


Introducing oneself with words is always almost impossible, or at least irritating, awkward and difficult, if you try not to sink into egocentrism. I’ll give a sketch of my past to explain, to those who do not know me, what I did and how and why I made this choice…


“Not that lonely planet”, not such a lonely planet or a planet not that lonely has two meanings.
Firstly, the literal one, which synthesizes, together with the subtitle, methods, aims and the very essence of this journey. I cannot describe it: it is not an “experience”, a “sabbatical year”, “following the wish to run because I could not stand it anymore” or anything like that. It is made up of all this, but it is, first of all, an attempted life choice, a dream coming true after years of illusions.


General itinerary has been thought before starting, trying to organize steps folowing weather, climate and places. Starting from Europe, I would have crossed northern Africa, Southern Italy from Tunisia, passing later to Balkans to get Turkey, Mıddle East and Asia until Oceania…


“If you want something in life, reach out and grab it”
It is extremely difficult explain by words reasons pushed me to take this choice, as it is clarify its goals, being both lots and really different each other. In these months, with any kind of people, from unknowns to relatives and friends, I just realized that or you got along each other from the beginning and everything was clear without any need of explanation, or it was very, very difficult comunicate your feelings….

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